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21 Nov 2023


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Ben Hacking



  • Want to get your marketing material roasted? 🔥 Try RoastMyMarketingGPT!

  • Coca-Cola launches an AI-powered holiday card generator 🎅

  • The full timeline of the Sam Altman & OpenAI debacle 👀

The Spark Edition 10 - AI x Marketing Tip

Last week, I mentioned that I would build a GPT - a custom version ChatGPT - for this edition of The Spark. Here it is! 

Introducing 👉 RoastMyMarketingGPT 👈, a GPT that provides feisty and witty marketing critiques with actionable advice. Let's dive into how I did it, and how you can replicate it yourself. 

Read on to see what RoastMyMarketingGPT had to say about The Spark.


How to build a custom GPT

Prerequisite: you need access to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise.

Step 1: Access the "Create a GPT" command

Click on the "Explorer" page in the sidebar, and you should see a "Create a GPT" option at the top of the page.

Step 2: Add information to your custom GPT

Explain what you want to create to the GPT builder. Here, it can be helpful to explain what the goal of your GPT is. In my case, I wanted to build a GPT that would roast my marketing material, but also provide actionable advice. 

Step 3: Configure GPT

If you manoeuvre your way from the "Create" section at the top to the "Configure" section, you will get the opportunity to customise your GPT in greater detail. 

Step 4: Add "conversation starters"

Either ask your GPT builder to add "conversation starters", or add them manually in the "Configure" tab. These are the suggestive actions that pop up when you initiate an interaction with the GPT.

Step 5: Experiment 

Experiment with the settings you have available in the "Configure" tab, such as enabling "Code interpreter", uploading files in the "Knowledge" section, or connect to 3rd party tools with "Actions". In my case, I didn't find that necessary as the text commands I had inputted were sufficient to generate an output that I felt was quite strong and consistent. 

Step 6: Get roasting

I uploaded the last edition of The Spark to get some feedback on my newsletter and this was the exchange:

1. Pick a suggestive action and upload your blog/ad/website/social media post

2. 🥲

3. Take (or ignore) some actionable advice from RoastMyMarketingGPT

Now, not all feedback might be relevant for you as you might have different objectives with your content. However, I do find many of the points RoastMyMarketingGPT makes to be valid. Feel free to put your marketing material to the test with 👉 RoastMyMarketingGPT 👈.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and feel free to share this with your colleagues to spark a discussion in your marketing department.

The Spark Edition 10 - Top AI x Marketing News

🎅 Coca-Cola's holiday campaign gets an AI-powered boost

Coca-Cola has launched Create Real Magic, an AI-powered holiday card generator featuring some of its most iconic assets.

🎨 Snap launches generative AI lenses that create AR effects based on text

Snap's annual Lens Fest typically previews upcoming features and tools. This year, many announcements feature AI-powered tools.

🤖 Emu Video and Emu Edit: our latest generative AI research milestones

Meta announces research milestones for image- and text-to-video generation, and it's an expected push given the potential within advertising. Just imagine the potential for advertising if all assets could be generated with AI.

The Spark Edition 10 - Top Marketing News

✈️ Spotify launches podcast ad marketplace in 5 countries

Spotify expands advertising marketplace for podcasts in new markets, including Sweden and India following success in the US & UK. 

🤑 On X, some brands may be getting a deal—but plenty more are staying away

Plenty of advertisers are staying away from X (Twitter) due to brand risks, but does that present an opportunity for others?

👀 YouTube Is quietly piloting an ad buying program for YouTube shorts

YouTube expands ad buying options for YouTube shorts, allowing brands to target ads specifically on shorts. 

The Spark Edition 10 - Top AI News

👀 Sam Altman, OpenAI, and Microsoft - The full timeline.

Sam Altman has joined Microsoft within 72h of being ousted by the OpenAI board of directors - this is wild, and it's a story that's still being written.

🤖 Unauthorized “David Attenborough” AI clone narrates developer’s life, goes viral

AI-generated David Attenborough narrates a developer's video feed. Take a look for yourself - it's amazing.

🧪 This AI robot chemist could make oxygen on Mars

AI-powered robot chemist might be able to extract oxygen from water on Mars. 


On another note, we're onboarding more people to Arcane 🤩

We are building a platform for Marketers, empowering them to leverage all the advances in AI for their work, so that it becomes more of a joyful experience.

If you're interested in learning more, click here!


That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on this format. See you next time 👋

- Ben

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