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14 Nov 2023


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Ben Hacking



  • How Uber amassed 750,000 followers on TikTok within 12 months

  • Meta rolls out AI features for lead generation

  • Sources claim Amazon has dedicated a team to train an ambitious AI model codenamed "Olympus"

The Spark Edition 9 - AI x Marketing Tip

Last week, I mentioned that I'll be sharing how to use the /tune command in Midjourney to create AI-generated images that fit a style, consistently. In today's edition of The Spark, all image components with a purple vectorised style, are created with Midjourney and their new /tune command. Let's dive into how you can replicate it for your brand.

AI-generated image components with Midjourney in The Spark edition 9

AI-generated image components with Midjourney in The Spark Edition 9

How to use /tune in Midjourney

Prerequisite: you need a paying Midjourney account 

Step 1: Enter the "/tune" command

Enter "/tune" with a prompt in the Midjourney discord under the "General Image Get" room

Step 1: Enter the "/tune" command with a prompt
Step 2: Pick your style directions & style mode 

Style directions are the number of image pairs Midjourney will generate in order to help you create your style. Style mode is the amount of beautification you would like Midjourney to help you with. I find that "32 Style Directions" and "Default" style mode works well, but feel free to experiment. 

Step 2: Pick your style directions & style mode
Step 3: Submit your request

Note: you will use your fast GPU time when generating these images (they're not credit-free).

Step 3: Submit your request.
Step 4: Open your custom style tuner

Here, you will be given the choice to select a preferred image from a number of image pairs. I recommend to experiment a bit here, as I first started by picking a preferred option for all 32 image pairs. For the 2nd iteration, I focused on 5 styles (staying neutral for the other 27 image pairs) that resonated the most with me, and the results were much more aligned with what I wanted.

Step 4: Open your custom style tuner
Step 5: Copy your code and enjoy creating

Copy your code and add it to your future prompts with the "-- style [insert code]" parameter. 

Step 5: Copy your code and enjoy creating

If you want to play around with the styling for my "Donald Duck pixel art" prompt example, here's the link: Midjourney styling example

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and feel free to share this with your colleagues to spark a discussion in your marketing department.

The Spark Edition 9 - Top AI x Marketing News

🤖 Meta rolls out lead generation ad tools, AI features across family of apps

Meta enhances lead generation tools with AI features, and launches CRM partnership with HubSpot.

ℹ️ Meta to require political advertisers disclose AI-generated content

Meta to require disclosure of potentially misleading AI-generated content in political, electoral, and social issue ads.

👀 OpenAI introduces GPTs to plus and premium users

You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT without having any coding experience. Follow The Spark to see what GPT I build for next week's edition.

The Spark Edition 9 - Top Marketing News

🤑 How Uber built its TikTok creator strategy — and why it looks beyond vanity metrics

Uncovering Uber's TikTok strategy: how to cultivate a community of creators with deep partnerships. 

🎨 Adobe researchers create 3D models from 2D images ‘within 5 seconds’ in new AI breakthrough

Adobe researchers have created an AI model that converts 2D Images to high-quality 3D models in just 5 seconds. 

🔒 Google's plan for ad targeting without third-party cookies

Third-party cookies have received criticism on privacy, and Google is spearheading an effort to transition to an era of prediction and privacy.

The Spark Edition 9 - Top AI News

🤖 Amazon has, according to sources, dedicated a team to train an ambitious AI model codenamed 'Olympus'

Amazon is investing millions to develop "Olympus," a large language model (LLM) with 2 trillion parameters, aiming to rival OpenAI and Alphabet's top models. 

🏎️ Tesla to integrate Elon Musk's new AI assistant in its vehicles

Last week, I shared that X.Ai's new AI chatbot Grok, has direct access to X data. Elon might have more elaborate plans, hinting towards a future where Teslas run Grok natively within their vehicles. 

📝 An AI just negotiated a contract for the first time ever — and no human was involved

Artificial intelligence has officially demonstrated the ability to negotiate a contract with another AI, without any human involvement. 


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That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on this format. See you next time 👋

- Ben

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