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Posted on

7 Nov 2023


5 min read

Ben Hacking



  • A collection of all Christmas ads in 2023 from top brands

  • How to get feedback on the majority of marketing content with ChatGPT

  • Elon Musk's X.ai introduces its AI chatbot Grok

ChatGPT can serve many marketing use-cases, but one that I don't see enough is feedback.

Most material in marketing is still created by people, be that ad creatives, blog posts, and copywriting. In the process of creating material we go through many feedback iterations with our colleagues, but as you know, that takes time.

You can jump over one (or a few) iteration cycles by taking off the rough edges with ChatGPT. For example, to analyse a LinkedIn organic post you can use the following prompt:

Note: to be able to upload images to ChatGPT you'll need to have access to GPT-4 (Plus or Enterprise subscription).

Some of the feedback I received were:

All feedback might not be relevant for you as ChatGPT is likely to lack the context you have, but as with all feedback, not everything is applicable.

What's great with ChatGPT is that you can alter the prompt to receive feedback on most types of marketing assets. You can make use of the following prompt outline and customise it to your use case:

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and feel free to share this with your colleagues to spark a discussion in your marketing department.

If you missed it, I recommend checking out my conversation with Jacqueline Boina from Voi Technology last week! Jacqueline shared some great insights on how Voi operates and what AI tools they've been using to automate translation at scale for the 100+ cities they operate in 🛴 (read more)

👀 Disney Plus brings its cheaper ad-based tier to the UK – 5 things you need to know

Disney Plus launches ad-supported plan in the UK, which can be a channel worth looking into for UK advertisers.

🎨 Midjourney introduces "style-tuner", allowing you to personalise images

With the new /tune command, you can customise the look of future jobs in the AI image generation tool. I will be sharing tips on this next week!

🤑 New Microsoft study validates the business value and opportunity of AI

The study reveals that for every $1 a company invests in AI, it's realising an average return of $3.5X. Pretty good ROI if you ask me.

🎅 Every 2023 Christmas ad from top brands

A roundup of Christmas ads from top brands - special shout-out to Coca-Cola and Walmart for some incredible ads.

🤑 Snapchat crosses 400m users, sees revenue growth in Q3

Snap sees steady increase in users and return to revenue growth, but future opportunities remain unclear.

🎬 Netflix ad tier hits 15m monthly active users

Netflix sees 15 million monthly active users on ad-supported tier. Now might be a good time to look into advertising options on the platform.

🤖 X.ai, the AI initiative led by Elon Musk, debuts Grok AI bot to rival ChatGPT

Grok AI is supposed to be both witty and rebellious, and it leverages data directly from X (for better or worse).

🧠 Everything announced at OpenAI's first developer event

OpenAI's hosted their first developer event and unveiled ChatGPT's massive user milestone and an improved GPT-4 Turbo Model.

🍎 Apple keeps exploring (and scrapping) new ways to detect users’ health

Apple is working on developing non-invasive ways to monitor blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and sleep. However, the company has faced challenges in bringing these products to market.


On another note, we're onboarding more people to Arcane 🤩

We are building a platform for Marketers to be able to leverage all the advances in AI in their day to day job so that they can bring joy back to their work.

If you're interested in learning more, click here!


Note: Some image components in The Spark were created with Midjourney

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