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Posted on

24 Oct 2023


5 min read

Ben Hacking



  • Meta's AI celebrities face skepticism from the public

  • A £1 million(!) ad-space competition for Marketers?

  • Training an AI for 50 000 hours to play Pokémon

📣 Meta's AI celebrities face skepticism from the public

Meta's chatbots that mimic celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Kendall Jenner, and MrBeast, faces skepticism and users are calling it "scary" & "creepy". 

✍️ Does Google penalise AI content? Apparently not

Search Engine Land claims Google does not penalise AI content, and they provide a framework on how to create "exceptional" content with AI. 

🎭 Youtube introduces Spotlight Moments for moment-based ad opportunities

Spotlight Moments uses AI to identify the most relevant videos around key events such as Halloween and the Oscars to improve ROI for marketers.

🤑 Evening Standard unveils £1M ad-space competition

The Evening Standard announced a competition offering advertisers the chance to win £1m(!) worth of ad space across outdoor and print in London.

🎬 Netflix announces a new ad format called "Binge" ad

Have you thought about running ads on Netflix? The company recently unveiled a new ad format called "Binge" ad (still a working title). 

👀 TikTok introduces out-of-phone

TikTok introduces out-of-phone, their out-of-home solution that lets partners and brands leverage TikTok content beyond the platform.

🤖 After 50,000 hours, this AI can play Pokémon Red

Software engineer Peter Whidden has been training a reinforcement learning algorithm to play the game of Pokémon and uploaded it to GitHub

🎨 OpenAI is opening up DALL-E 3 access

Woho! ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers can now access the new DALL-E 3 model inside of ChatGPT. 

🧠 Meta unveils new AI system that can read your mind?

Meta announced that they are making significant progress towards decoding images from human brain activity, and shares a few of the AI's outputs.


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That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on this format. See you next time 👋

- Ben

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