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✨ The Spark | Edition 5

Posted on

28 Sept 2023


5 min read

Ben Hacking



  • LinkedIn announces an AI-powered campaign creation tool

  • Report shows that 22% of ad spend is lost due to fraud

  • Are AI-generated playlists coming to Spotify?

Top AI in Marketing News ⭐️

🤩 Meta rolls out generative AI features for advertisers

Advertisers will now be able to use AI to generate backgrounds, expand images to fit different aspect ratios and generate multiple versions of ad copy.

🤯 LinkedIn announces Accelerate, an AI-powered campaign creation tool

Accelerate is one of the first products we believe reflects the impending paradigm shift in Marketing as a result of the advancements in AI. Marketers will have better tooling, enabling them to do more with less. 

🔒 Getty Images launches Generative AI, a commercially safe GenAI tool

Getty Images launches a commercially safe GenAI tool, removing the headache of going back and forth with legal for marketers. 

Top Marketing News 🔥

✅ Google introduces new requirements for Gmail bulk senders

Starting in 2024, Google will require bulk senders to authenticate their emails, allow for easy unsubscription and stay under a reported spam threshold.

💥 Tiktok is testing ad-free subscriptions outside the US

Marketers, be aware! TikTok has confirmed that it's testing ad-free subscriptions in an English-speaking country outside of the US.

😨 Research report claims that 22% of ad spend is lost due to ad fraud

Juniper Research reports that $84b was lost in ad spend in 2023, and that the number is expected to increase to $172b by 2028.

Top AI News 🤖

👀 Tim Cook confirms that Apple is working on ChatGPT-style AI

Cook told the UK press that Apple was "of course" looking into GenAI, and that they were expecting to hire more AI staff in the UK. 

🦸 The European Central Bank (ECB) assembles "Infinity team" for GenAI

The ECB’s newly established working group has launched nine trials, the results of which could speed up day to day activities of the financial institution.

🎵 Spotify spotted developing AI-generated playlists created with prompts

References to an "AI playlist" and "playlists based on your prompts" were discovered in the app's code, but Spotify has declined to confirm its plans for AI playlists.


On another note, we're onboarding more people to Coral 🤩

We are building a platform for Marketers to be able to leverage all the advances in AI in their day to day job so that they can bring joy back to their work.

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That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on this format. See you next time 👋

- Ben

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