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✨ The Spark | Edition 3

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14 Sept 2023


5 min read

Ben Hacking



  • Global advertising spend is expected to reach >$1 trillion in 2024.

  • An inside view into marketing at Synthesia, a fast-growing AI start-up.

  • OpenAI is expected to reach >$1B in revenue over the next 12 months.

Top AI in Marketing News ⭐️

🤩 Growth Marketing Manager at Synthesia shares his views on the future of AI in Marketing

Cory Johnson, growth marketing manager at Synthesia shares his thoughts on AI in Marketing, marketing at Synthesia, and tips for aspiring marketers.

🤖 How Coca-Cola is collaborating with digital artists on Generative AI

Coke’s new global head of generative AI explains how the brand is leveraging Generative AI to foster stronger connections with digital artists.

🧠 Zapier CMO shares a few thoughts on the future of AI in Marketing

Kieran Flanagan, CMO at Zapier, touches upon content-, brand-, performance marketing and marketing automation.

Top Marketing News 🔥

📈 Global advertising spend is expected to reach >$1T in 2024

Half of the global advertising spend is expected to be through 5 (only!) major tech firms - Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, & Meta.

💥 Meta exploring ad-free & subscription-based monetisation in EU

This will likely have major implications for marketers in the EU, and it is firm a reminder of the transformative power EU regulators sit on.

👀 Gopuff launches ad platform in the UK

Brands can now promote their products via Gopuff's product placement, sponsored search, sponsored carousel, and in-app and email display ads.

Top AI News 🤖

⭐️ Time100: Most Influential People in AI

Time recently published a list of the 100 most influential people in AI, and names include Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Jensen Huang, among others.

❗ OpenAI is on track to generate >$1B in revenue

The company behind ChatGPT is currently generating $80m in revenue per month, compared to $28m in the entire year of 2022. Not bad at all 😅

🔒 OpenAI introduces ChatGPT for enterprise

Expect the revenue numbers of OpenAI to continue to go up and to the right with the launch of ChatGPT for enterprise.

On another note, we're onboarding more people to Coral 🤩

We are building a platform for Marketers to be able to leverage all the advances in AI in their day to day job so that they can bring joy back to their work.

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That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on this format. See you next time 👋

- Ben

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