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✨ The Spark | Edition 2

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29 Aug 2023


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Ben Hacking



  • Some of the world's biggest advertisers are experimenting with Generative AI

  • Meta adds branded content search to ads library

  • Images created with AI reaches 15 billion(!) and continues to rise

Welcome back 🙌

Thank you for all the support and love on the first edition of the Reef 🐠 As a reminder, the Reef is a bi-weekly snapshot of relevant stories, news and opinions around AI & Marketing. A lot has happened in the last two weeks! Let’s dive straight in 🤿

Top AI in Marketing News ⭐️

Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Krazy KFC. Source: Braze

👀 Some of the world’s biggest advertisers are experimenting with Generative AI to cut costs and improve productivity
Nestlé & Unilever are testing tools like ChatGPT & DALL-E for marketing purposes, but are wary of security, copyright risks, & unintended bias.

💭 Snap doubles down on Generative AI with “Dreams”
Dreams is Snap’s new bet on AI images, where users will be able to upload pictures of themselves and use Generative AI to alter the images.

🤩 Braze launches a comprehensive guide to AI marketing
Great introduction and guide to how AI and marketing intersect for both executives and marketers.

Top Marketing News 🔥

There is facebook and messenger and instagram and whatsapp and an unknown last thing.

Source: TikTok

📈 Meta extends ad library to include branded content search
This is huge! Marketers will now be able to scour the platform for content inspiration from paid partnerships, such as creator collaborations.

🎄 Tiktok publishes a new holiday playbook for marketers
If you’re in the midst of planning content for the upcoming holidays, look no further than Tiktok’s new 2023 marketing guide.

⚠️ X, formerly Twitter, launches features to increase brand safety for advertisers
If you have stopped advertising on X due to brand safety concerns, now might be a good time to re-examine the platform.

Top AI News 🤖

Contrails! How do they warm up the earth?

Woah! Source: Discord user Sixu, using Midjourney

❗ IBM study states that 40% of workers will need to reskill in the next 3 years due to the new AI paradigm
IBM surveyed 3,000 executives & 21,000 workers and the results show that people shouldn't fear AI, but rather leverage it for their own gain.

📸 AI-created images reaches 15 billion!
In comparison, it took human photographers 150 years to reach the same landmark.

🪖 The US Department Of Defense (DOD) announces the establishment of a generative AI task force
Generative AI makes it way into the defense sector.

On another note, we're onboarding more people to Coral 🤩

We are building a platform for Marketers to be able to leverage all the advances in AI in their day to day job so that they can bring joy back to their work.

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That's all! Please ping me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback on the Reef. See you next time 👋
- Ben

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