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Announcing Coral & our Beta

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9 Aug 2023


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Ben Hacking



  • As of today we're onboarding first users onto Coral as part of our closed beta testing

  • This means marketers can finally bring all their marketing platforms into one place while accessing AI-driven tools that automate their workflows and offer deeper insights into campaign performance.

  • Want to give it a try? Sign up to our waitlist or check out our website here.

Why we’re building Coral

A few years back, I ran the driver growth marketing team at Deliveroo. Growth was no problem. But managing the acquisition, activation and retention of drivers in all markets was. We turned to scrappy Google sheets and built internal tools to fix a problem that we thought only we — the UK’s fastest-growing technology firm – had.

Building these internal tools required engineering and product resources that hadn’t been allocated for, which exceeded our budgets and required constant debugging. It didn’t help that we also had to stay on top of constant changes to vendor APIs as well as integrating data from several sources: Google, Facebook, manual spreadsheets and more.

It got the job done, but limited us from growing even faster.

Fast forward to today: marketers are facing the most challenging, yet exciting, paradigm shift in decades, following the rapid advancement of AI-driven technologies. The scope for radical transformation and improvements for marketers is clear - but only for those who can successfully leverage this new technology.

And meanwhile, the number of different tools, platforms and campaign types is only growing. That makes the challenge of monitoring them increasingly difficult. In fact, a recent study suggests as many as 41% of marketers are overwhelmed by pressure to prove results with data. And some 67% of CMOs report being ‘overwhelmed’ with the volume of marketing data available.

It was only when I left Deliveroo and started speaking to marketers across different industries that I really began to understand how widespread these challenges are.

Digital marketing today: A fast-changing industry

In the last two decades, marketing has radically changed. Where TV and billboard ads once ruled, paid campaigns on Google and social media promised better understanding, targeting and tracking of the right user. With changes in app tracking transparency and a future without cookies, ‘we know just enough about what’s working’ is turning into ‘we don’t have the first clue’. And that’s just not good enough.

Modern marketers in startups and small companies are increasingly expected to be experts in running campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, TikTok… the list goes on. But this job is getting harder and harder. That’s because the number of platforms and data metrics is constantly growing, making the challenge of managing them – whilst finding time for extracting insights and improvements – exponentially more difficult.

The future of marketing + AI

2023 has been the year where, for the first time, advanced AI tools have been put into the hands of consumers. Marketers now have access to a myriad of tools that, in theory, will vastly improve their output. This is true for every single task in the day-to-day life of a marketer.

But when it comes to the management and insight generation of paid, organic and email campaigns, the role of AI has been strangely absent. Regardless of how many more “tools” there are, marketers everywhere are still spending too much time clicking in and out of siloed platforms. They’re still spending too much time on manual reporting tasks with arguably little ROI. And they’re still spending too much time trying to find the insights they need to improve their campaigns.

There are so many manual and repetitive tasks that marketers dread. AI offers a fantastic opportunity for these to be improved, accelerated or automated.

Why Coral?

This is why Jeremy and I created Coral. We want to create a single home for all paid, organic and email campaigns that leverages AI and advanced data analytics to improve the lives of modern marketers and deliver outsized user and revenue growth.

That means reimagining all parts of your daily workflows to improve, accelerate and automate mundane tasks. It also means getting to insights faster than ever before, making changes on the fly and reflecting those changes across all platforms at once. Finally, it means no more clicking between LinkedIn Analytics, the Meta ad platform and others, only to create monolithic spreadsheets just to understand how your marketing activities are actually performing.

Many of today’s leading marketing tools were created over a decade ago. The UIs are tired, the functionality is limited and, too often, they just create more problems than they solve.

Coral is different. We’re building the first truly all-in-one marketing platform that empowers modern marketers to deliver more with less across email, social, paid media, organic and more. And we’re super excited to be sharing it with the world.

Coral Beta launches 🎉🥳️

As of today, we’re kicking off our beta testing by onboarding first users and design partners onto the platform. Beta users will have access to several features they can use and test over the next few months. From day one, you’ll be able to:

  1. Bring all your marketing reports and metrics into one place and create a single view of all activity, regardless of channel. No more clicking between platforms.

  2. Get an AI copilot that acts as your personal researcher, strategist and analyst, automating many of your manual workflows and helping you understand the holistic performance of all your campaigns.

  3. Automate your campaign reports in real-time and get deeper insights than ever before.

The bottom line? Fewer manual tasks, better ad performance and higher ROI. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right?

If you want to try Coral and aren’t already on the waitlist, enter your email below to sign up today. If you already are, then sit tight – we’ll be in touch soon.

We’ll have a direct line of communication with all Beta users for any questions or feedback, and to make sure users get the full value out of the platform. Of course, this Beta will be free to use.

And while we’ve got your attention, here are a few other updates and milestones to keep your eye out for:

  • We’re launching a Slack community for marketers to share the latest tips, tech and tactics of high-growth start-ups. Click here to join the community.

  • We’ll be sharing tips, best practices and other company announcements on LinkedIn and (ahem) X, so make sure to follow us over there.

  • Look out for more exciting Coral news soon 🪸

I’m super proud of the work the Coral team has done over the last year. We truly believe that the best days for marketers are ahead of us, and the days of being overwhelmed and under-resourced will soon be history.

Thanks for joining us on this journey 👋💜


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